Together We
change the world.


Our commitment for a better life​

The Tiny Living Foundation is a non-profit organization which is committed to support and help private and public Tiny House, social and environmental projects. We support Tiny House communities, Tiny House builders, Tiny House villages as well as social organizations, which stand for a better life in the future. The Tiny Living Foundation is committed to small living and environment. For future living for children, young people and for the elderly. 

Together with you

We’re providing information and advice for sustainable living

Together we exchange knowledge about ecological living, building and nature protection.

  • Promote sustainable living
  • Experience tiny living
  • Spread community feeling
  • Help, engage and connect
Together with you

We’re organizing meetings, activities and events

To make the Tiny Living movement bigger, we bring like-minded people together.

Together with you we

We support young and old people who want to live in a Tiny House

We want to take care of our neighbours, including those who might struggle to care for themselves. Let’s provide housing for everybody that needs a home.

Let’s make the world a better place.

Jan Schuetze | Board Member